Our Story

Learn about SEG’s unique system to help you achieve repeatable, predictable, and scalable growth.

The Power of One

Start hitting your goals sooner. SEG brings three companies with decades of experience together into one powerful revenue generation machine.

Your Success Is What Drives Us

Brian O’Neil founded SEG in 2009 to help B2B organizations accelerate sales growth. For 15 years, we’ve empowered companies with services and technology that make an immediate impact.

In 2023, SEG acquired Square 2 and Action Selling to provide a fully aligned marketing and sales solution. Together, we’ve worked with thousands of clients to generate more leads, deploy sales reps quicker, and implement sales training in weeks.

Drive Faster, Go Farther

Rev up your revenue with a unique all-in-one solution. The Revenue Generation System™ seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, training, and technology to coordinate your efforts for scalable growth.

Need to move fast? Our accelerated program delivers immediate impact while establishing the foundation for ongoing results. You’ll be blown away by everything we can accomplish in 30 days.

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The Winners’ Circle

When you’re ready to put the rubber to the road, our seasoned experts fuel growth with marketing, sales talent, training, and technology across every stage of the buyer journey.

Feed your prospect and lead pipeline, attract sales talent, create a culture of closers, and build the ideal tech stack – we can help you do it all.

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Values That Drive a
Remarkable Experience

Our core values guide every aspect of our work and culture.
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We are bold in supporting clients’ growth goals. We are confident in our abilities to execute for them and drive revenue acceleration. We’re not shy to share our expertise.
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We embrace diversity and respect everybody in our words and actions, allowing our team to bring their entire authentic selves to work.
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We think and act like owners. When you own a home, you take care of it, cherish it, and respect it. We are always thinking about how we can improve the company, build its reputation, and better serve clients.
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We are comfortable coming to the table with solutions. We proactively design solutions for us and our clients that solve the root cause for good.
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We put others before ourselves, and we’re here to serve our clients, partners, and fellow team members. When our stakeholders win, we win. When our stakeholders grow, we grow.
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We listen and work hard to understand others’ perspectives. We all grow when we incorporate other viewpoints into our work.
“SEG brought a systematic approach to rearchitecting and documenting Cargo’s sales cycle from prospecting through close. Once the process was designed, they helped us better define our sales roles and fill those roles that were open or that were inadequately staffed. In short, SEG provided an end-to-end solution for Cargo’s sales mission and organization.”
G. T. “Toby” Stansell, CEO, Cargo
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“I would estimate the long-term value of this sales training at….unlimited.”
Steve Grossman, Vice President, Mega Hertz Company
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“We needed a lot of help getting our campaigns out the door, and then we needed a team to ensure that they produced the desired results. We were WOWed by what their team did for us and how it worked.”
Zak Schroerlucke, Marketing Manager, Crosby Hops

Always Learning, Always Teaching

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What’s Slowing You Down?

Growth isn’t one thing – it’s everything. Start hitting your goals with an integrated revenue generation machine.