SEG’s Alumni Commitment

Working at Sales Empowerment Group allows you to advance your sales career at a faster pace than other companies. We match your talents, your passion and skillsets with exciting companies that want to accelerate your career path. Over 75% of SEG’s employees get promoted at the 12-month mark.

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SEG All-Star Alums


How long were you with SEG?

7-8 months

What are you doing right now?

I’m still working for the client who hired me on after SEG

What was your background before starting with SEG (i.e. – graduate or working for another company)?

I had recently graduated and I was hunting for a job. When SEG reached out to me I was doing in-store sales for DirecTV inside Costco stores. Not the most attractive selling and not what I was looking to do straight out of graduation, but I needed to pay some bills so that’s where I was at. One day I got a call from one of the recruiters, I was able to make it over for the interview just in time and it all worked out!

What impressed you most about SEG’s program (i.e. – the people, training, management, your client)?

When I went in for the interview we talked about what I was looking for in regard to just graduating. I was fresh out of college and on the job market. I was looking for a lot of training, a lot of handholding you could say, to discover if I really wanted to continue with sales. Talking to the recruiters, the management, and my boss at the time really impressed me. Their past track record with other BDRs for other companies really impressed me as well.

How did SEG’s program help you with your current position?

My client hired me on to do the same thing I was doing at SEG – I was a business development representative there until about 6 months ago. They (SEG) helped me because of the high standards they set for me. My goal was 100 dials/day. (When I was hired on for my client it was only 60 dials/day) So it really prepared me to be able to do the volume of calls, to be comfortable on the phone and to be confident in what I am talking about.

Please tell me the number one story that sticks in your head from your time at SEG.

When we first started calling I was struggling a little bit with it. Everyone was setting meetings left and right and it took me about two weeks to actually get my first meeting. What really stuck out to me was having my manager and the higher ups talking to me and saying “hey we trust you, we know that you’re able to do this, just relax and be yourself and you’re going to get those meetings.” That stuck out to me as something that I still remember today.


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