SEG’s Alumni Commitment

Working at Sales Empowerment Group allows you to advance your sales career at a faster pace than other companies. We match your talents, your passion and skillsets with exciting companies that want to accelerate your career path. Over 75% of SEG’s employees get promoted at the 12-month mark.

Work hard, drive results and get hired away. 

SEG All-Star Alums


How long were you with SEG?

From June 2017-September 2018

What are you doing now?

I’m working for the company that hired me on at their corporate headquarters.

What was your background before starting with SEG (i.e. – graduate or working for another company)?

I had just graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. Sales was always in the back of my mind. I wanted to go into renewable energy sales. I had an opportunity out in Boston, but I wanted to stay in Chicago so that’s how I landed at SEG.

What impressed you most about SEG’s program (i.e. – the people, training, management, your client)?

I think it would be the people. From the outside looking in a lot of people would think “if you’re on different accounts you’re not going to talk to your neighbors or other people” but I think SEG does a good job of making it a social, fun environment. Being able to collaborate and bounce ideas off of other people on different accounts was really helpful. That made it fun and allowed us to maximize our creativity in the office

How did SEG’s program help you with your current position?

Obviously, without SEG I wouldn’t have the job that I have now. I got extremely lucky that SEG signed a Fortune 500 client and I was able to be hired on for them.

Please tell me the number one story that sticks in your head from your time at SEG.

When my first SEG client pulled out of the program and my new SEG client was signing on was a really bittersweet moment. I was disappointed that the company had left, but a completely new door opened for me when SEG’s largest client to date decided to come on board. Sometimes in life things that might from the outside look like a disappointment can end up being the best thing that ever happened to you.


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