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SEG All-Star Alums


How long were you with SEG?

18 months, and after I got hired on to my client, I worked there for three years.

What was your background before starting with SEG (i.e. – graduate or working for another company)?

I had one job prior to SEG. I was in outside sales for an insurance company and I was in training for about 6 months. They tried to keep me in a territory that I didn’t want to be in, so we parted ways and I was looking for a job. A family member of mine who used to be a partner with Brian put me in touch with him and I interviewed to see if I could work on the Executive team. I didn’t have enough experience at the time (I unfortunately had no sales experience outside of an internship) so I interviewed and took a BDR position with one of SEG’s clients. I was a little nervous going in because I knew I always wanted to do outside sales, I had no interest being on the phones. However, the opportunity seemed like it could bring me to a point where I could land a strong outside sales position, so I took the chance and it has paid off. I’ve really enjoyed the career that I’ve built, and it all started with the opportunity I had at SEG. I’m purely in outside sales now but I still canvas on the phone. It’s still very much a part of my life – not as much as it was at SEG – but it’s still a large majority of what I do.

What impressed you most about SEG’s program (i.e. – the people, training, management, your client)?

What impressed me most in my time there was the level of attention we had from the folks that managed us. It was definitely a struggle for the first few weeks to get up and get going and try to set my first meeting. But as someone who was a little skittish about being on the phone I was impressed with the level of nourishment I was given to get me where I needed to be.

Talk about the community that you built with your teammates and other teams on the floor.

We were very tight knit. SEG at the time was in enormous growth mode so we had new people coming on quite frequently. Being there for 18 months, I got to see a lot of new faces. It’s an environment that I wasn’t used to – ping pong table, happy hours etc.

How did SEG’s program help you with your current position?

I learned the appreciation for business development. When I entered into the real estate world as a formal broker after leaving SEG, I got to go to industry events. I met people who were kind of like me, they just had a different path into real estate. They were getting pushed and pulled numerous directions and their time was really limited as far as what they could do to canvas. My biggest takeaway was that SEG prepared me to sit down and make time to be on the phones. You just have to take the time to do it and a lot of people don’t. Being forced to do it 60-100 times a day burned it in my brain and I still carry it with me today to make sure it is built into my business plan and my daily schedule. That’s definitely the biggest impact that it’s had for me.

Please tell me the number one story that sticks in your head from your time at SEG.

My most memorable moment was when I set my first meeting. It took me about four weeks. My colleague had a little more success setting her first meetings than I did. I will never forget the phone call I got from my clients after they went on my first meeting. It went really well. I just remember that feeling of getting a call from them and how warm it felt. I found myself wanting to do it again and again and again. That was the biggest moment for me.


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