Full Ride BDR Scholarship


How it Works

SEG pays you for your first week's sales training (35 hours of elite training). We are trusted by some of the most cutting-edge tech, healthcare, and manufacturing companies. After you receive your sales training certification, you'll be matched with one of our clients. That’s right, we pay you to get trained AND find a new BDR role!

BDR Jobs

Matching You with Your Partner Company

SEG is partnered with over 50 companies. We match you with companies based on your industry preference, location, and compensation that matches your talents. All experience levels - including no BDR experience - are welcome to apply.

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Am I a Good Fit?

Whether you are a recent grad, in between jobs, have 2-5 years of experience, or simply want to get into sales for the first time, we want to help you grow as a BDR. We have many clients looking for talented professionals to come in and grow their new business efforts. If you have long-term goals of becoming an Account Executive, Senior BDR, or other sales leader, our BDR Full Ride Scholarship is a great place to start.

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