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CEO Thoughts with Exacto, Inc. CEO Andy Blake

Posted by Sales Empowerment Group on Oct 31, 2018 | Updated on 09/10/20 10:56 AM

We recently sat down with Andy Blake, CEO of Exacto Inc., to get his thoughts on the experience of partnering with SEG. Read his answers to questions regarding why he chose to work with our team and the benefits we were able to provide.

What impact has SEG had on your business?

“Our industry is only growing by 4%, but by implementing the SEG process our business has grown by 30% over the past two years.”


Why did you hire SEG?

"I chose SEG because they bring a very robust process to all aspects of our sales process. This includes increased accountability, transparency, and performance across our entire sales process.”


What have they brought to your team?

“They have helped us increase the effectiveness of our forecasting with best-in-class training, CRM process, and tools to manage the process. This allows us to address our top goal of scaling the business.”


How have they helped build your team?

“The SEG team is extremely effective in helping us onboard next generation sales talent. Their system of hiring Business Development Reps and training them at their Chicago facility, helps us avoid making the wrong hire. We can see them in action and bring them onboard our payroll after we understand how they can perform with our customers.”


Would you recommend SEG to another company?

“I would highly recommend SEG for a variety of reasons, but especially to those businesses that are looking to acquire the next generation of sales talent – they deeply understand the process of appealing to a younger audience and preparing them to be successful in any business.”


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