Corporate Concepts

Corporate Concepts

Background - Corporate Concepts is a corporate furniture dealership that does space planning, specifications, delivery, and installation. For over 35 years, they grew organically into one of the largest Knoll furniture dealers in the US.

Challenge - Historically, all salespeople acted independently with little structure or true sales culture. Looking to take the next stage in growth, they needed to take a fresh direction and build a stronger infrastructure.

Solution - Corporate Concepts brought in one of SEG's senior consultants to deliver recommendations on modernizing their sales organization. After the initial assessment, SEG stayed onboard as a fractional sales leader for 18 months and implemented the following:

  • Began formal bi-weekly sales meetings and recognition.
  • Began tracking pipelines and forecasts on a regular basis.
  • Trained sales team on an array of modern sales approaches.
  • Formalized the process for annual business plans.
  • Deployed SurePeople Assessments across entire organization to identify strengths of the team and areas for training.
  • Ushered in formal CRM system and marketing efforts with new strategy and tactics (newsletter, social media presence, etc)
  • Continuously collaborated with executive team on sales team, strategy, and operations.
  • Helped to transition in a new full-time sales leader to further elevate the new processes.

Outcome - 

"Tony Lenhart of SEG took the time to understand our organization’s unique culture and go to market strategy before working to implement practical solutions that positioned us for several years of record performance. Although a consultant, it never felt that way with Tony, as he genuinely cared about the long-term success of our people and organization."

-Ryan Zerante, Vice President of Sales and Operations

Tags: Professional Services, Talent Acquisition