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Cultivate Advisors


Cultivate works with small business owners to create a custom plan for their business. Every owner has unique challenges, experience and goals.  The Cultivate team is passionate about helping owners develop both personally and professionally to achieve financially rewarding businesses that grow and thrive.


Cultivate had built a successful inbound lead engine and were looking for an inside sales representative to not only contact and qualify those leads, but scale their team efficiently.  It was important that they not only found the right talent, but that they could get them up to proficiency as quickly as possible. 


SEG lined-up five candidates in just over a week.  Once their rep was selected, they were onboarded and trained via SEG's sales bootcamp and the custom sales playbook that was built through a collaboration between Cultivate and the SEG Team. 


Over the course of five months, their BDR set over 50 meetings. Cultivate went on to hire away their sales rep where she continues to thrive today.

"SEG was pivotal in helping us launch our BDR program from scratch. They helped set up the interviews, onboard the candidate, and ultimately gave us the confidence to hire away the candidate after she was trained to seamlessly fit into our team this year. It's been a great success & we recommend SEG whenever we get the chance!"

-Conrad Kozuch, Partner/VP of Marketing

Tags: Professional Services, Sales Incubation, Talent Acquisition