Our management focuses on how best to partner with our clients and provide the highest quality services to increase revenue. We focus on people — attracting, identifying and retaining the best of the best.

Meet Our Executive Team

Brian O'Neil

  • CEO and Founder

Kevin Potrzeba

  • President

Geoff Kehoe

  • Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Hogberg

  • VP, Sales Advisory

Mark Smyth

  • VP, Sales Advisory

Vickie Drendel

  • VP, Sales Advisory

John Koopman

  • VP, Sales and Operations

Olivia Nixon

  • VP, Learning and Development

Tony Lenhart

  • Sales Drummer

Kim Pearce

  • Director, Recruitment

Krystal Kucharski

  • Director, Sales Enablement

Brandon Goldberg

  • Sales Manager

Chrissy Hartzell

  • Sales Manager

John Stob

  • Area Sales Manager

Bob Romay

  • Executive Sales

Alli Ward

  • Digital Marketing Manager

Gayann Pfeiffer

  • Controller

Kaleigh Locketti

  • Lead Recruiter