Are you wondering how to increase sales? Many companies face challenges in generating qualified sales leads and getting in front of the appropriate people. Executives rarely have the ability or time to organize and manage an inside team that can dedicate 40 hours per sales rep per week to profiling companies and setting appointments for the more trained and highly paid salespeople in their organization. That’s where Sales University Group (SUG) comes in.

SUG helps our clients recruit and train capable salespeople while creating a large sales funnel that injects immediate sales growth. Simply put, we align our team with your annual sales goals and put together the right team to execute the playbook via meetings and sales projections.

When you partner with SUG, we become an extension of your organization, developing strategies to work through your company’s initiatives together. We help you take your sales team to the next level so you can grow your business. By hiring the right talent, effectively training your salespeople, aligning your sales and marketing efforts, tracking your progress, and onboarding candidates, our services help your company realize the accelerated sales activity that increases revenue.

Sales Consulting

How well does your sales team currently perform? If the results are not meeting your expectations, what can be done to improve performance? If your team is already performing well, what can take it to the next level? Our Executive Team has the pe...

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Marketing Consulting

Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) offers the services of veteran marketing thought leaders to growing organizations. Through our Interim VP of Marketing solution, a proven, top-performing marketing executive works on-site with your team to identify yo...

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Interim VP of Sales

Through our Interim VP of Sales solution, a proven, top-performing sales executive works on-site with your organization to inject growth. In addition, we focus on building companies and teams to spur long-term growth (people, process and tools). ...

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Sales Rep Incubator

How do you find and train great salespeople? Are you readying your sales talent pipeline for tomorrow? Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) has developed the methodology on how to obtain, retain and incubate talent. With our proven incubator model, we ...

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Sales Training/Coaching

Why Training?2016 Conference Board Research shows that reinforcement and bite-sized learning is the most effective model for generating learning outcomes. Salespeople are notorious for having a limited attention span, due to the frenetic pace of...

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

You’ve never seen CRM work like this! Many organizations have technology in place, such as a CRM platform and a company LinkedIn presence. However, most of these companies are using only a fraction of the functionality, and thus miss out on enor...

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Lead Generation

Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) helps all sizes companies with lead generation. We have developed a very unique-model that dramatically increases the number of qualified meetings. With our proven model we have outperformed the industry standards dr...

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Sales Recruiting

Sales Empowerment Group’s retained search methodology is about finding the best talent – “A Players” in the marketplace during the window of your hiring needs. In addition, our model has a performance based fee structure. The model creates a win-...

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