Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Like everyone today, your sales team is pressed for time. Sales reps are expected to close deals in a relatively short period, which means the prospecting process must be efficient and impactful. Many organizations have sales technology, such as a CRM, to support their process. However, most of these companies are only utilizing a fraction of the CRM's full functionality. This means missed opportunities to capture and track leads, cross-sell and up-sell, access functional reporting, and improve overall customer retention.

At Sales Empowerment Group (SEG), our CRM services are designed to train organizations to generate more sales in every way possible. From standing up the CRM to expert training and adoption methods, SEG will lay the foundation for your company to capture the necessary information about sales activities and give you the tools to increase overall revenue.

Why Sales Acceleration Technology Services?

While CRM use has improved sales productivity in recent years, SEG recognizes that this technology alone has not done enough to help salespeople close deals. Sales acceleration tools are instrumental in speeding up the sales process, which results in more sales being closed.
How can the sales cycle be accelerated? Technology can help sales staff dial more prospects in less time; collect intelligence about prospects and their buying behavior before the sales rep talks to them; call using a local caller ID; automate tedious, time-consuming tasks; and track the metrics that impact sales.
Like everyone today, your sales team is pressed for time. Sales reps are expected to close deals in a relatively short time frame, which means there is only a limited amount of time to respond to prospects and try to make the sale. Digital marketing methods and websites have resulted in a greater number of B2B sales leads being generated, and all these leads must be qualified. Sales acceleration tools from SEG can help your sales team respond more quickly, and with more pertinent information, helping to prevent delayed responses,or a lack of follow-up that can result in lost sales.

By providing information about your team’s sales activities and outcomes, sales technology helps the sales manager make informed decisions that can lead to increased revenue. Sales technology can help new sales staff members get up to speed faster, too. Because there is so much competition for experienced sales people, you may find yourself hiring sales reps with very little experience. Good sales technology tools can help new sales reps get acclimated faster, and accelerate their success.


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