Interim VP of Sales

Interim VP of Sales

Through our Interim VP of Sales solution, a proven, top-performing sales executive works on-site with your organization to stimulate growth. In addition, we focus on building companies and teams that spur long-term growth. Our interim sales management solution gives you all the advantages of a seasoned sales leadership professional — without the risks of a direct hire. We have executed over 250 successful engagements that have led to increased growth.

How Our Outsourced VP of Sales Solution Works

An Interim VP of Sales from SEG is an experienced, battle-tested sales executive with the proven ability to organize sales teams and take them to a higher levels of productivity. You can engage one of our stellar sales executives for a period of 63 to 24 months. Your Interim VP of Sales, or Interim Director of Sales, devotes full attention to the complete range of sales leadership activities that will be determined by SEG’s experts,;s and theyour organization they work with. We focus on the Key Performance Indicators that will drive the biggest impact and key drivers for your organization.

Why an Interim VP of Sales Program?

Companies and Private Equity Firms/Investment Firms hire SEG to execute and get results. To date, more than 250 companies have benefitted from our Interim VP of Sales Program, and the average revenue increase has been over 30 percent.
Your sales organization is too valuable to put at risk with an untested management solution, and too valuable to leave unmanaged or under-managed. Our interim solution enables you to avoid either of these options, as we work with you to implement a sustainable structure and management team for your company’s long-term success.
An outsourced VP of sales brings fresh thinking and new ideas to your sales team. One of the biggest pitfalls of a sales organization is inward focus. By exposing your sales team to new methodologies, and Sales Empowerment Group’s proven model, you and your organization will have the ability to get to the next level.
Finally, our Interim VP of Sales Program is a low-risk, high-reward solution. As a business leader, you understand the cost and disruption associated with hiring someone who turns out to be a bad fit, especially at the executive level. With an interim VP, your organization gains all the value of a permanent hire while avoiding both the cost of a high-level permanent employee, and a bad fit that could cost you money, and require a termination.


Find out how SEG helped these two companies improve the performance of their sales teams through the engagement of an Interim VP of Sales.


“Rightsize Facility Performance hired Sales Empowerment Group in 2011. With Sales Empowerment Group’s Interim VP of Sales Program, they have doubled the size of our company. In addition, we have added seven new sales associates and have the best sales force in the industry!“
— Mason Awtry, CEO, Rightsize Facility Performance


Vintage Tech Recycling increased sales and revenue by over 120% in 2013 by hiring Sales Empowerment Group’s Interim VP of Sales Program. Today, they are the third largest recycling company in the U.S.