Lead Generation

Lead Generation
Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) helps companies of all sizes with lead generation. We have developed a unique model that dramatically increases the number of qualified meetings . With our proven model we have outperformed the industry standards dramatically.

Why Outsourced Lead Generation?

As any B2B organization knows, maintaining a full pipeline of qualified sales leads can be very challenging. Finding sales leads requires that your highly paid sales professionals spend hours trying to identify the one lead out of dozens who is a genuinely promising prospect. Once prospects are identified, a great deal of additional time is consumed in attempting to develop those prospects into customers — a process that can take days, weeks, months or years, depending on your sales cycle and the prospect’s current situation.
By outsourcing business lead generation to SEG, your company can reach an entirely new level of sales efficiency. Instead of sales reps (or internal support staff members) spending time qualifying leads, they can apply that time to what they do best, and what you pay them to do — close sales, sell new products and services to existing customers, and build solid, long-lasting customer relationships. B2B companies that manage the sales team’s time in this way build a foundation for rapid, predictable revenue growth.

A Leader in Lead Generation

All lead generation companies are not alike. SEG recognizes that B2B organizations have complex value propositions and sophisticated customers. Because of this, our sales lead generation company, Sales University Group, takes a thoughtful and strategic approach.
We take the time to understand your value proposition; the unique attributes of your company, your products and services, the key decision drivers of your typical customer, and the needs and challenges of your prospects. This in-depth discovery enables us to develop a lead generation strategy that resonates with qualified prospects, and that flows from and supports your marketing campaigns.
When communicating with your prospects, we put your brand in the best possible light with every contact. By making a good first impression, we hope to generate a sale quickly, but if that’s not possible, we want to ensure that customers will want to work with you, because they see you as an outstanding potential business partner.

A fast-paced, competitive market is ideal for SEG

Getting the attention of prospects and closing the sale are tough challenges, but we’re up to the task! Lead generation is our business, and we have had years to hone strategies and tactics that work.
Rather than have your staff spend valuable time learning the subtleties and complexities of lead generation, leveraging SEG’s sales lead generation expertise gives your top talent more time to close deals. This is how top-growth firms accelerate revenue growth and surpass even the most aggressive sales goals.
We do not provide cookie-cutter solutions; instead, we combine our knowledge of lead generation best practices with a thorough understanding of your products, services, marketing programs, and value proposition — to create a unique lead generation strategy that works for you. We are the premier lead generation company that is trusted by small, medium and large organizations, as well as many Private Equity and Investment Firms.


Find out how we helped a consulting firm with lead generation, enabling its sales team spend more time closing sales.


“…Good management watches over and supports the business development teams. Management stands behind their projects. If you look at what we spent compared to the opportunities they generated, we received about eight times a return on our investment.”
— Jim Dimitriou, Western Region Managing Partner, Tatum LLC


Sales Empowerment Group helped Meeting Tomorrow increase sales by 70% in 2012. Today, they have the best sales professionals and services in their industry.