Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Sales Empowerment Group offers the services of our veteran marketing experts to growing organizations. Through our Interim CMO solution, a proven, top-performing marketing executive works on-site with your team to identify your customer’s pain points, and convert them into compelling, relevant messaging strategies. Our Interim CMO solution gives you all the advantages of a seasoned marketing leadership professional — without the risks of a direct hire.

How Our Interim CMO Solution Works:

An Interim CMO from SEG is an experienced, battle-tested marketing executive with the proven ability to support sales and marketing teams, and take them to a higher level of productivity. You can engage one of our marketing executives for a period of 6 to 24 months. Your interim CMO will devote their full attention to the complete range of marketing activities as related to your sales strategies, including:

  • Market research/customer interviews
  • Differentiation/Positioning
  • Segmentation/Messaging
  • Mentoring/Team Building
  • Content Strategy/thought Leadership

Why an Interim VP of Marketing Program?

Your sales organization is too valuable to put at risk with a marketing solution that’s not supporting sales efforts or working in harmony with your sales process. Our interim solution enables you to ensure alignment between marketing and sales initiatives, to improve the effectiveness of both, and to provide the optimal customer experience that leads to increases in sales. Bringing an outsourced CMO onboard, brings fresh thinking and new ideas to your sales and marketing team.

Finally, our Interim CMO Program is a low-risk, high-reward solution. As a business leader, you understand the cost and disruption associated with hiring someone at the senior level, especially if they turn out to be a bad fit. With an interim resource, your organization gains all the value of a permanent hire, while avoiding the cost of a high-level permanent employee, and a situation that may require a termination.

How Our Outsourced Marketing Campaign Manager Solution Works

The newest service to be offered by Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) is Marketing Campaign Manager. Through the Marketing Campaign Manager solution, SEG provides you with outsourced marketing services. These services include email marketing, lead generation campaigns, website, and video production that helps create demand and support our Sales University Group sales outreach campaigns.

Why Should You Consider Our Campaign Manager Services?

  • Aligning your sales and marketing efforts makes sense. Any disconnects between these two areas can confuse the customer and have a negative impact on your sales efforts.
  • Research shows that sales messages are most readily received after customers have been exposed to strong and consistent marketing messages.
  • Marketing + sales is a sequence that works because it follows inherent consumer behaviors in the buying process. Consumers, typically need to see and hear about a product or service many times before they are ready to purchase it.
  • SEG’s Campaign Manager includes: The creation and execution of a messaging strategy that is aligned to sales strategies, the development of content across all forms of traditional and digital media, training in email campaigns, and a focus on social media best practices.