Sales Rep Incubator

Sales Rep Incubator

How do you find and train great salespeople? Are you readying your sales talent pipeline for tomorrow? Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) has developed the methodology on how to obtain, retain and incubate talent. With our proven incubator model, we have helped many well-known companies attract young, skilled, millennial talent that they were not able to attract on their own. A sales incubator is also especially helpful for nurturing the growth of a young company or startup business. Let us incubate your inside or outside sales team while you focus on running your business.

Why Hire a Sales Rep Incubator?

We offer sales development services in which our clients can completely outsource the recruiting, training, and management of their sales resources to Sales University Group. This helps ensure that their sales resources are grounded in a strong sales methodology, and helps.reduce the overall cost to the client since they won't have to retain additional sales managers simply to train and develop new team members.
Additionally, once time and energy are invested into grooming these sales professionals, you have the opportunity to hire them, bringing them into your internal team. We mentor and coach them in the early part of their careers; you take them on once they are proven. Within a certain period of time in which our sales rep has worked for your company, you can hire him or her from us — more than half of our team gets hired away by our clients. This benefits both the SEG/SUG employee who attains a path for growth, and our clients who can now hire well-trained younger sales associates who are able to contribute to the future growth of the company as soon as they are hired.

What is Sales University Group?

Our sister company, Sales University Group (SUG), is dedicated to helping organizations accelerate sales activity and revenue through the generation of a new pipeline of sales leads and opportunities. SUG offers a learning environment for new business development representatives to develop their sales skills, prior to being fully onboarded to our client’s sales team. Our clients are given the chance to assess this talent and determine who is a long-term fit for their organizations. This allows the client the freedom to hire talented individuals, once they know they are ready, and to avoid the risk of hiring an untested salesperson.


Vintage Tech Recycling added six inside sales professionals from Sales University Group. Over the past 18 months, they were responsible for over $7 million in additional revenue and assisted in closing a $3.6 million deal.