B2B Sales Training Programs

Build a high-performance sales team and close more deals with custom sales training programs tailored to your needs.

Races Are Won in Training

Turn your team into top performers with innovative sales training programs that leverage SEG’s proven Action Selling® framework. Our five-step approach gives your team the skills and strategies to succeed in today’s competitive market.
Benchmark your team’s skills via a free online selling skills assessment and 30-minute sales performance analysis (SPA).
Training Workshop
Learn, practice, and apply critical selling skills during an engaging workshop that includes group exercises and roleplaying.
Maintain skill retention with a combination of field-based and online systems that promote stickiness and accountability.
Measuring progress against initial benchmarks helps customize our approach and guide teams to long-term success.
Once certified, your team will walk away with the tools to be more effective and close more deals.

Welcome to the Winners’ Circle

See real-time value and permanent sales quality improvements with engaging virtual, in-person, or online workshops.

  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Increase close rates
  • Protect margins
  • Win more sales
  • Scale processes and practices across sales teams
  • Stay in sync with how customers make decisions
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A Process, Not a Project

Taking a holistic, programmatic approach, the Action Selling system helps bring transformative change to your team.
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Sales Process
Leverage our nine-step process to break sales meetings into key components tied to critical selling skills and focus on the buyer’s natural decision-making process.
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Create shared language and consistent processes to build a culture of high performers committed to continuous personal and organizational growth.
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Get a training curriculum tailored to your unique challenges and objectives and the sales skills gaps preventing your company from achieving its revenue goals.
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CRM Adoption
Increase CRM adoption and optimize your pipeline by tying it to a sales process that delivers clear advantages to your team and helps answer its biggest needs.

90% of All Sales Training Fails

Learn what you can do to get your business in the top 10%.

Expert Training Tailored to Your Needs

Our sales training programs are designed to deliver sales success.
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Sales Process Training
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Sales Skill Training
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Sales Leadership Training
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Customer Relationship Professional (CRP) Training
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Ongoing Rep Assessments
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Expert Consulting

500,000+ Salespeople Trained at 4,000+ Companies

Steve Grossman

“I would estimate the long-term value of this sales training at…unlimited.”

Steve Grossman, Vice President, Mega Hertz Company

“When I first heard about their training, I thought, ‘Great, another colossal waste of sales time.’ I could not have been more wrong. This program is fantastic!”

Rex Riedy, Territory Manager, Hagie Manufacturing

Performance. Certified.

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Always Learning, Always Teaching

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What’s Slowing You Down?

Take a three-minute revenue assessment to learn how to grow revenue faster and more consistently.

What’s Slowing You Down?

Take a three-minute revenue assessment to learn how to grow revenue faster and more consistently.