Sales Training/Coaching

Sales Training/Coaching

Why Training?

Research shows that reinforcement combined with bite-sized lesson plans is the most effective model for generating learning comprehension. Salespeople are notorious for having a limited attention span, due to the frenetic pace of the job. In order to create sales stickiness, SEG leverages the work done at over 120+ client engagements, by selecting sales training topics that are field relevant and time critical.
Training is just training unless reinforced with adoption in the client’s environment. Reinforcement coaching creates a path for daily training to become adoption. SEG’s unique approach to bite-sized learning, coupled with reinforcement coaching, enables sales teams to develop and advance their skills in real time.


  • Webinar Series and Onsite Sales Bootcamps: Customized per client
  • Choose from the Learning Menu topics, ranging from basic training to advanced selling skills
  • Sales Skill Assessment: Completed in the early assessment as a baseline and then post training/coaching


  • Reinforcement Webinar Series/Sales Bootcamp topics are matched up with immediate sales coaching and real time examples
  • Coaching cadence is put in place to ensure training is applied to real deals
  • Sales pursuit bootcamps designed for Pipeline and Revenue advancement


  • Learning aligned to the individual and sales group's need
  • Roadmaps designed for successful outcomes
  • SEG Consultants-expertise for on site/off site client sales execution

This is all delivered in a state-of-the-art platform through our partnership with SurePeople. SurePeople delivers a robust and scalable solution for organizations looking to design custom programs. This can be delivered across teams, departments, or the entire workforce. Program examples include onboarding, diversity & inclusion, sales training, product training, certifications and more.