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What’s Your Sales Process? 3 Tips to Avoid the Big Fail

What’s Your Sales Process? 3 Tips to Avoid the Big Fail

Depending on the source, either Ben Franklin or prominent, 1970s author, Alan Lakein, famously said that failure to plan was planning to fail. They were both right. To build a healthy sales team, you need a plan, a sales methodology or process that fits. A common theme we hear from many companies is that everyone does it “their own way”. While this can work in early-stage companies, a clear sales process must be honed, replicated, and executed by the whole team.

Every sales team is unique. How do you choose the right sales process to ensure the success of your team?

How to Build a Healthy Inside Sales Team: An Overview

How to Build a Healthy Inside Sales Team: An Overview

What are the best indicators of fitness? Turns out, it depends on who you ask. Experts like those in the U.S. Army or heading the YMCA, stick with four traditional measurements: strength, endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Other fitness professionals track as many as 11 categories.

Whatever the number is, you can apply the concept of foundations to choosing and developing the right inside sales team. There are many parallels between grooming elite athletes and elite salespeople. Sales managers may not agree on the exact number or the categories themselves, but the following qualities should be on everyone’s roster

The Changing Landscape Of Inside and Outside Sales

The Changing Landscape Of Inside and Outside Sales

Recent studies have found that in the world of sales, outside sales are still the dominant style, but inside sales are growing, and at a much faster rate than outside sales.

​The Millennial Corporate Culture

As the demographics of the American workforce continue to change, we can expect to see a number of cultural shifts in the workplace. Corporate cultures have already begun to be influenced by the influx of young, pragmatic, millennials, but as we approach 2025, the year in which Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce, we should expect, and be prepared for a widespread change in corporate culture.

Optimize Your Sales Operations With A Consulting Company

Businesses that lack a consistent, efficient sales operation are likely to find themselves challenged by competitors better equipped for sales enablement, communications and decision-making processes. Of course, it’s possible for any company to self-evaluate, assess and restructure operations to achieve a high-performing sales operation — but such a process can be time-consuming and expensive in terms of man hours and resources needed.

Sales Outsourcing: How It Can Help Transform and Grow Your Company

There are many compelling reasons to consider sales outsourcing for startups, family owned-businesses, investment-backed businesses and established businesses, but what it truly boils down to is one key factor — sales expertise.

How Can A Sales Incubator Help Your Business?

A sales incubator (also known as a “business incubator”) can often make the difference between a startup’s success and failure in the marketplace. These organizations are chiefly designed to help accelerate a startup or early stage company’s growth and success — connecting entrepreneurs with angel investors, local governments, economic development groups and other potential investors.

CRM Automation = Recurring Revenue

Out of sight, out of mind — be it with clients or prospects, it’s a dangerous position for companies and their sales team to be in. Prospects may not remember you when it comes time to purchase what you sell, and longtime customers may feel resentment if they think you are taking their business for granted.

5 Sales Techniques That Set You Apart From The Competition

Regardless of the company or industry, every salesperson has competitors. It’s up to you to leverage your knowledge and sales expertise in order to set yourself apart in the eyes of prospective customers. Here are five sales techniques to help achieve this goal:

Top Ways To Show Sales Initiative

As every salesperson knows, there are “easy” sales and there are “tough” sales. When a sales prospect becomes a buying customer, all’s right with the world and everyone’s happy. When a prospect turns out to be difficult, it takes a combination of skill, experience and initiative to convert that tough prospect into a final sale.