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Join SEG-TV and hear from amazing leaders about how they are leading during the storm and planning their reemergence. We interview CEOs, sales leaders, marketing leaders and private equity partners who share tactical solutions, how sales and marketing have changed, and how to start planning your reemergence now. Watch more SEG-TV with Jeffrey Gitomer.

Putting Americans Back to Work

We are excited to announce our partnership with Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling. Together, we’re helping thousands of sales professionals, sales leaders, and marketing professionals hone their skills through our program. When you register for the program, you will receive an immediate link for Jeffrey Gitomer’s skills assessment. 

If you qualify for the program,
you will receive these valuable benefits free of charge:

  • 30 hours of Jeffrey Gitomer’s certified sales training program ($1000 value)
  • Free Tilt 365 natural strengths assessment that we’ll share with hundreds of companies
  • SEG consultant to discuss future opportunities with you
  • Certification of your membership in our program, which pre-qualifies you for sales and marketing roles (BDRs/SDRs, sales professionals, field sales, marketing, and leadership)


Thank you to our caring partners who helped us make this possible!

Your Partner in Sales Success

Sales Empowerment Group designs sales and marketing solutions to increase revenue growth. We use a strategic, time-tested approach, working with our clients to create a sales-focused culture that helps them build revenue faster.


Outsourced Sales Teams

We’ve helped more than 500 companies hand-select their sales teams, grow faster, and reduce fixed costs.



Lead Generation

SEG works with our clients to determine their specific KPIs and builds a team with the lead generation skills necessary to meet their goals.



Sales Effectiveness

Our sales effectiveness solutions empower our clients to build top-performing sales teams.


Team Meeting

Revenue Growth Playbook

SEG’s sales playbooks reinforce key information for our clients’ sales teams, placing the tools they need to win more prospects at their fingertips.



Talent Acquisition

We help our clients recruit proven sales teams to generate more revenue faster.


Industries We Serve

SaaS and Tech-Enabled




Professional Services

Freight & Transportation


Private Equity

SEG’s executives are experienced in the software and tech industries, and our revenue acceleration are designed to produce results within eight weeks.

Over the past decade, SEG has helped some of the largest healthcare companies drive revenue and exceed their sales goals.

Our Benefits Sales Incubator service allows us to help benefit organizations lower turnover and reduce costs.

SEG’s manufacturing division helps manufacturing clients solve the war for clients by hiring millennials to generate revenue alongside baby boomers.

Through branding consulting and smart scaling of their business, SEG helps professional services get in front of more buyers at a faster rate.

SEG advises freight and transportation companies on ways to build sales and talent models to grow faster and smarter.

SEG assists technology companies in highlighting their differentiators so they can drive revenue growth.

SEG works alongside Private Equity firms to leverage their sales and marketing in order to support their portfolio companies.


Clients Served




Sales Leadership Engagements


Sales Representatives


Revenue Growth Playbooks Created


The SEG Team Is Your Team

When you work with SEG, you’re able to hand-select your sales talent and leadership teams and craft your “A-Team” to fit your criteria and growth goals. More than 75% of our clients opt to hire the revenue generation sales team to their payroll after nine months. It’s simple: our people are your people.


An Outstanding Company and Stellar Launch Point

This is an ideal starting point for as aspiring BDR looking to attain top of the line training, consistent guidance and plentiful opportunity to launch their sales career. A progressive and forward thinking company that creates a nurturing, safe and invigorating work atmosphere where BDR's can collaborate, thrive and build the proper foundation for a successful sales career. Management is adept, flexible and reliable. They've gone above and beyond to adapt and move the company forward through this pandemic and they show time and time again that they care about investing in their talent.

Great organization that fosters the growth and development of sales skills

Sales Empowerment Group provides continual training that is not only relevant but valuable. Regardless of the length of time in your role at SEG, you're constantly learning and building upon your professional strengths. With the floor being made up of a variety of clients, you are able to collaborate with your co-workers and learn from one-another. SEG has provided me with the resources to help leverage my skills and talent as well as experience that will allow me to excel in my professional career.

Fun, Energetic, Career Building Workplace

I love company into work everyday. Inside sales is not an easy gig, but with supportive managers and friendly co-workers, SEG takes a lot of the stress away. It's not the same old boring thing everyday, but rather a fun environment that encourages growth. SEG has given me the building blocks to start my career.


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