The Revenue Generation System

Align and orchestrate all aspects of B2B marketing and sales to streamline revenue growth and hit your numbers.

Fuel Your Revenue Growth With a Proven System

Growth isn’t just one thing – it’s everything. You need a comprehensive purpose-built system that synchronizes all your efforts.

The Revenue Generation System (RGS) seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, training, and technology to provide a scalable way to grow.

Get Revenue Back on Track

Gain traction by shifting away from hit-or-miss marketing and sales tactics. The RGS is a full-scale system that drives everything you do to accelerate growth:

  • Develop a remarkable go-to-market strategy that makes your business stand out
  • Feed and fill your pipeline with more and better-quality leads
  • Ramp up your sales efforts with highly qualified and trained talent
  • Shorten sales cycles and increase close rates with innovative training programs
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Keep Everyone Steering in the Same Direction

Nothing runs smoothly when your team is out of sync. Marketing and sales must be aligned to reach your goals. The RGS pulls everyone together to get results.
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Get consistent, predictable growth with B2B digital marketing solutions laser-focused on your prospects’ needs.

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Support your sales goals and gain more opportunities with vetted sales reps who are easy to move from our team to yours.

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Uncover pains, better align solutions, and close faster with ongoing sales improvement programs.

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Better target, track, and personalize your efforts across every stage of the buyer journey, from click to close.

Eliminate Hit-or-Miss Marketing

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Is Your Revenue Engine Firing on All Cylinders?

The RGS is built on four pillars, each with must-have components that drive revenue growth.

Marketing and lead generation cycle

Marketing and
Lead Generation

Sales talent and lead closing cycle

Sales Talent and
Lead Closing

Sales training and optimization cycle

Sales Training and

Marketing and sales technology cycle

Marketing and Sales

Is Your Revenue Engine Firing on All Cylinders?

The RGS is built on four pillars, each with must-have components that drive revenue growth.

Clearly outline your objectives and overarching strategy before doing any tactical execution to avoid wasting time and money.


Get in front of the right prospects with personalized campaigns that leverage multiple tactics to produce leads and sales opportunities.


Identify the marketing and sales tactics required to hit your revenue goals and deploy them in an orchestrated manner.


Apply HubSpot and supporting technology tools to automate, accelerate, and analyze each revenue generation activity.


They Revved Up Their Results

Everett Katzen
“RGS completely changed the way we approached growing our business. The framework enabled us to get twice as many projects completed in the same time. This directly impacted our growth rate!”
Everett Katzen, Owner, Springboard Media
“SEG brought a systematic approach to rearchitecting and documenting Cargo’s sales cycle from prospecting through close. Once the process was designed, they helped us better define our sales roles and fill those roles that were open or that were inadequately staffed. In short, SEG provided an end-to-end solution for Cargo’s sales mission and organization.”
G. T. “Toby” Stansell, CEO, Cargo
Diego Hernandez
“We partnered with them in order to take our marketing strategies and CRM use to the next level and they have been excellent. Their team works in a cohesive and professional manner. They plan every step well in advance and have very open communication with our team.”
Diego Hernandez, Business Analyst and Project Manager, Campbell Property Management

What’s Slowing You Down?

Learn how to grow revenue faster and more consistently with an integrated revenue generation machine.