Outsourced Sales Reps and Sales Consulting

Kick-start revenue growth with a managed sales talent solution that delivers qualified sales reps and develops them into stars.

Add More Horsepower to Your Sales Team

Finding and developing high-performing sales reps requires a significant investment of time, effort, and money.

Hit the gas on growth with a unique sales rep solution designed to support today’s goals while building your dream team of the future. From recruiting and vetting to training and managing, we deliver top-tier talent to support your team, drive opportunities, and increase revenue.

Drive Opportunities and Develop Your Future Sales Stars

Create a sales-focused culture that gives you a competitive advantage.

  • Support your sales team's growth goals by gaining access to highly qualified sales rep talent.
  • Hand over hiring, training, and managing of your new sales reps to industry experts.
  • Create a farm system for future sales stars.
  • Bring on proven sales talent with experience in your processes and culture.
  • Quickly backfill openings on your sales team with proven sales superstars.
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Fuel Your Sales Rep Pipeline

Support your sales efforts and accelerate revenue with a strategic approach that delivers highly qualified sales professionals.
Tell us your needs – we’ll recruit and vet candidates, then hire the ideal rep. We assume their pay and benefits, but their email, Slack, and socials reflect your organization.
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Onboard and Train
Get trained sales reps ready to help out of the gate. From coaching and playbooks to training tailored to your business and ongoing development, we handle it all.
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Leave managing to us. A dedicated manager oversees every BDR/SDR to provide regular performance reports based on data-driven measurements.
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Hire away the most successful sales reps who are already ingrained in your culture. At any point, you can make your sales rep a full-fledged team member and we’ll seamlessly backfill their role.

Build a Best-in-Class BDR Program

Learn how to create a strategy that sets your BDRs up for success.

Solutions Designed To Make a Difference

Tap into expert-designed solutions that help increase and accelerate revenue.
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Virtual Sales Teams
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Outsourced BDRs, SDRs, and MDRs
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Fractional Sales Leadership
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Talent Acquisition
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Revenue Growth Playbooks
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Sales Consulting
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Sales DNA Assessments

500+ Companies and Counting

Mark Tack

We love working with SEG! Our team went to battle for us and yielded incredible results. SEG is truly a strategic partner.

Mark Tack, CMO, Treasure Data
G. T.

“SEG brought a systematic approach to rearchitecting and documenting Cargo’s sales cycle from prospecting through close. Once the process was designed, they helped us better define our sales roles and fill those roles that were open or that were inadequately staffed.”

G. T. "Toby" Stansell, CEO, Cargo
Camille Olivere

Sales Empowerment Group enabled us to do everything more quickly than if it was on our own. We started with no prospects, no pipeline, no funnel. It really looks like a machine now.

Camille Olivere, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, DeCurtis

Performance. Certified.

Sales Leadership Engagements
Sales Representatives
Revenue Growth Playbooks Created

Always Learning, Always Teaching

The Growth Engine
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Building a BDR/SDR Team From Scratch
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Building Your Sales Team’s Farm System

What’s Slowing You Down?

Take a three-minute revenue assessment to learn how to grow revenue faster and more consistently.

What’s Slowing You Down?

Take a three-minute revenue assessment to learn how to grow revenue faster and more consistently.