Private Equity (PE)

SEG's Services Align With Your Value Creation Plans And Broader Business Goals

Maximize Your Investment In Portfolio Companies With a Better Roadmap For Revenue Growth

Scale at a faster pace and increase future valuations with a strategy-first marketing and sales approach. SEG’s Revenue Generation SystemTM drives predictable growth, strengthens your portfolio, and enables successful acquisitions and exits.

Get in the Fast Lane

Plan your PE firm’s route to success with a comprehensive due diligence report in three days or less. The SEG team dives deep into your portfolio for a rigorous assessment of your company’s sales and marketing performance that includes key recommendations, timelines, ROI expectations, and projected outcomes.

SEG’s Accelerated Program helps portfolio companies get the marketing strategy finalized, leads coming in, and the sales team recruited, hired, trained, and selling all in just six weeks

Drive KPIs with services including:

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Create an emotional, compelling and disruptive Big Story for your portfolio company. Install the lead generation necessary to drive sales.
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Recruit, hire, train, onboard, manage, and reward a team of salespeople who understand your portfolio company's business, industry and products/services. 
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Arm the sales reps with a highly efficient sales methodology, sales process, and sales frameworks to shorten the sales cycle and increase close rates.
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Build on a platform of marketing automation, CRM, and sales technology to automate and analyze everything required to increase revenue month over month.

The Complete Guide to B2B Lead Generation

Drive portfolio growth with a new revenue generation approach that moves at the speed of today’s buyers.

Drive Better ROI – Vet the LOI

Evaluate possible acquisitions with a comprehensive letter of intent (LOI) due diligence process that provides a detailed growth potential diagnostic. Find out if your target makes the grade in marketing, sales talent, training, and technology to make an informed investment decision.

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They Found Another Gear

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Talent-Driven Growth

Businessolver delivered an 8X ROI to private equity firm Warburg Pincus after partnering with SEG to grow its outsourced lead generation team.

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Exceptional Revenue Results

Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Co. executed ProAct’s successful sale to an industry leader after a 21% sales growth increase.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Find PE-approved strategies proven to drive value faster in the third issue of Accelerating Growth.

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“SEG doesn’t sell you a single solution. They listen, learn, and recommend a thoughtful and compelling approach.”

Kent Robinson, Partner, Operations – Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Co.

What’s Slowing You Down?

Get where you want to go faster. Accelerate revenue growth and increase your portfolio companies’ future valuations.