Sales Effectiveness

Win More Sales with SEG’s Sales Effectiveness Services

To gain a competitive edge over your competition, SEG’s sales effectiveness arm equips your sales, marketing, and customer service teams with game-changing tools that empower you to win more customers.

What SEG Provides


Customer Growth Model

With SEG’s Customer Growth Technology you have the ability to map key indicators that will tell you it is time to expand your working relationship. More importantly, the technology will map-out when you have clients at risk and it is time to take immediate action.


Marketing Engine

Sales and marketing go hand in hand, so an effective marketing engine is imperative to growth. Our comprehensive marketing diagnostic report gives you the insight you need to determine how to advance your marketing engine. It’s a simple process that delivers results.


Sales Playbook

Seventy-five percent of companies miss their sales numbers because they don’t have a revenue growth playbook that allows the sales team to be predictable and scalable. We’ve created more than 150 revenue growth playbooks for companies that are looking to scale faster and smarter.



Many organizations have a sales technology, such as a CRM, to support their process. However, most of these companies are only utilizing a fraction of the CRM’s full functionality. Our experts have worked with hundreds of companies to optimize their current CRM performance and help generate more sales.


People Assessments

To help with key hiring decisions, we provide assessments for your team to increase sales performance. Our technology and methodology allow us to work with each individual on your team to improve their current performance and make future performance more predictable.


Interim Sales and Marketing Leaders

SEG’s clients bring in our interim sales and marketing leaders when they are looking to scale smarter and faster. Our team has completed more than 150 engagements and focuses on sales and marketing execution that drives sales growth. Throughout our client partnerships, we focus on key outcomes and deliverables.


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