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Our 2021 Sales Summit features an impressive group of speakers sharing stories about being fearless, being vulnerable, and leading in an extraordinary way. To access the on-demand library of presentations, register via the form below. 

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Heather Monahan - Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker

Heather is a bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Top 40 Female Speakers in 2020 (TED Talk Speaker). In our conversation, Heather talks about “Firing the villains in your life” and rocking your own confidence. In addition, she shares how fear is the "Green light to go faster," not a stop light to quit. You will not want to miss Heather’s talk! 


Larry Long Jr. - Founder & CEO

Larry Long Jr. is one of the most engaging and motivating speakers in the country. He is passionate about coaching and has a proven track record helping C-Level and Sales Professionals take their game to the Next Level. Larry will take us on a journey of several key areas – 1) What are you doing to help others, 2) How to overcome adversity in life, 3) What plays are you running to get better, and 4) “I am Somebody.”  Do not miss 30 minutes of his stories and the vulnerability he faced in life/sports, which has allowed him to help many people. 

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Jack Daly - CEO: Professional Sales Coach

Jack is one of the most well-known speakers and sales trainers of all-time. He broke the record for the largest virtual sales training event in history – 22,000 people! His bestselling sales book – Hyper Sales Growth has been implemented by thousands of companies. He'll share can't miss lessons from the Navy Seals, how to recruit for attitude, and how you can scale your organization by implementing a playbook. Oh, by the way, he has run 98 marathons. Jack takes us on a run for 45 minutes that you will not forget!

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Galem Girmay - Sales Executive & Podcast Host

Galem takes us on a journey that makes you realize the importance of your own legacy. Her podcast – WHAT IS YOUR LEGACY has us all thinking about the importance of life and what journey we are on. In addition, being a part of someone else's legacy is just as important and everyone is in a different situation at different times in their lives. Galem is also the co-founder of RevGenius and you can hear her on Clubhouse (@galemgirmay).  

John Costigan

John Costigan - Founder & CEO

John has trained over 200,000 sales professionals, trained in 30+ Countries and his clients include   Oracle, Google, Amazon and many more.  John teaches organizations on how to sell better, sell faster and sell more.  Listen to John’s amazing journey from childhood to playing professional basketball to his sales journey and recommendations.  We talk about burying your ego and being the best you - personally and professionally.   

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Gabrielle "GB" Blackwell - Sales Development Saastress

Gabrielle is one of the most inspiring people you'll ever meet. She takes us on a journey of her vulnerability 3 years ago and how we need to go through times in our life that make us who we are today. We talk about starting with your "why" and knowing your why and your values. In addition, she hits on some key points on the importance of coaching and career pathing. You will not want to miss this! 

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Jackie Hermes - Saas Marketer & Growth Advisor

Jackie covers many key areas during the SEG Sales Summit. She talks about how to take care of yourself, her journey as an entrepreneur, and the importance of how marketing flows into the sales engine. Jackie started a cookie company and then used the money to launch Accelity (one-woman consulting firm) that blossomed into 20+ people and counting. 

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Mara Maddocks - Executive VP: Mac Medical

Mara has an amazing story. She shares how Mac Medical has been on the forefront for the past 20+ years driving diversity and inclusion. Mac Medical is a women-owned business that started in 2000 by Mara’s mother (Millie Maddocks). Mara shares their journey and how they've broken the glass ceiling. Her experience is inspiring and something everyone should hear. 

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Mark Hunter - Author & Keynote Speaker

Mark Hunter is "The Sales Hunter." He travels on average 200+ days a year speaking to groups and working with companies and individuals to help them sell more effectively. Mark takes us on an amazing journey from his first two sales jobs to being one of the most recognized speakers in the country. He poses the question, "Who are you surrounding yourself with?" and how this helps gain clarity around your goals. 

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Brian O'Neil - CEO: Sales Empowerment Group

Brian is the Founder and CEO of Sales Empowerment Group. Brian and Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) have helped businesses grow through sales coaching, consulting, and the innovative BDR Program where SEG incubates a BDR team until the company is ready to hire the reps full time. Brian is the author of three books: The Legacy Life – How to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate to Increase Sales, The Legacy Life Playbook and Don’t Forget Your Swimsuit. Look for Brian's upcoming book releasing later in 2021.


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