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Integrated Marketing Solution

SEG’s integrated marketing and sales model allows our clients to drive front-end of the funnel. Whether you already have a marketing team in place or not, SEG assists by creating content, generating email sequences, and pointing your team in the right direction of companies who are already engaged with your content. This data-driven approach creates warm MQLs and allows your BDR/SDRs/AE’s to focus their efforts on more qualified opportunities.

SEG Marketing Resources


Demand Generation Playbook

“Pipeline-In-A-Box” programs combining demand gen: inbound and outbound programs, ABM execution, integrated campaigns; and demand conversion: BDR/SDR programs, marketing automation, pipeline engine blueprint.


Thought Leadership Playbook

Creation of industry defining eBooks, webinars, blogs, videos (in collaboration w/ industry experts).


Product Marketing Playbook

Solution messaging and positioning, product launch process, collateral & enablement tools, pricing & packaging.


Positioning & Messaging Elevation Playbook

Company positioning, narrative design, value proposition & key messages, key differentiation & disruption, vision statement.

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Brand & Creative Elevation Playbook

Creation of elevated brands, creation of elevated brand visuals, documented brand personality.


Business Strategy Playbook

Business plan, target market, competitive analysis, growth strategy (phases), acquisition vs. organic growth, financial model.


Analyst, PR, & Events Playbook

Public relations, social media, analyst relations, influencer marketing, events strategy and execution.


Marketing Engine & Budget Design Playbook

Marketing org design & roadmap, team re-structuring, marketing plans, alignment w/ business plans, marketing budget, marketing ROI


Growth Engine Scoreboard & Software Design Playbook

Measurement mechanism, roadmap for measuring marketing value, integration and clear visibility into the digital marketing stack, enterprise software that organizes your growth strategies and produces a high-impact Growth Engine Scoreboard.


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