Outsourced BDRs/SDRs/AEs

Developing Future Sales and Marketing All-Stars

SEG has worked with over 500 companies hiring, training, and incubating their future sales and marketing stars. SEG’s outsourced model still allows you to hand-select your talent while shifting payroll and management costs to SEG. 75% of our outsourced marketing and sales talent gets hired-away by their partnering client at the 9–12-month mark. It's simple - Our clients drive revenue growth while shifting infrastructure and human capital costs to SEG.

How It Works



You tell us what you're looking for and our team of recruiters gets to work interviewing and finding the ideal candidates. SEG hires the reps (our payroll, our benefits), but their email, LinkedIn, Slack/Teams, etc. reflect your organization. It's like having a "Farm System" for sales and marketing teams.

Training program


Creating playbooks. Leading a training program tailored to your business. Mock calls. Roleplays. Sales and Marketing coaching. All of this is handled by SEG. It's our responsibility to develop your people and get them to a place where you're ready to hire them away, aka move them up to the "Major Leagues."



Hiring a manager is necessary but expensive when building sales or marketing teams in-house. At SEG, we take care of this for you. All BDRs/SDRs/AEs report to a manager on our team who then reports back to your leadership. We use a data-driven approach to measure performance.


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