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Over the past decade, we’ve served more than 500 companies to recruit, train, and incubate their future sales teams. Our clients hand-select their sales teams while moving infrastructure costs, payroll, and management to SEG. Immediately, this moves their cost of sales to a fixed instead of variable model. This allows our clients to scale faster while maximizing EBITDA goals. All SEG teams are built and fully functional in five weeks!

Competitive Advantages



We know you’re looking to accelerate your pipeline and revenue growth at a fast pace. We have the infrastructure, teams, and expertise to make an immediate impact. Every revenue acceleration team is built, fully trained, and produces results in six weeks.


Cost Advantages

You have the opportunity to hand-select your sales team while moving your infrastructure cost, payroll, and management to SEG. Immediately, this moves your cost of sales to a fixed model instead of a variable model, allowing you to scale faster while maximizing EBITDA goals.


Lift & Shift Models

Over 50% of our employees and 75% of our teams are hired away after reaching preset sales goals set by our clients. We know you’ve made key investments to scale revenue growth, and because of that you should own the assets and the key people that will help drive this growth.



Our executive and management team has over four decades of experience building and executing sales programs for organizations. We have worked with more than 500 companies to accelerate their revenue across different industries, markets, products, and services.



We take great pride in our owner-led model. We have 10 partners that are in the trenches every day with our clients. On every engagement, we assign an SEG partner to oversee our efforts to reach revenue acceleration goals and provide world-class service.



Team Dynamix software was built to narrowly focus on each salesperson's selling style and unique sales DNA is used to help sales leaders understand each sales professional's preferences when it comes to developing new customer relationships, managing those relationships, and ideal placement for growing company revenue.


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