Sales Training

BDR/SDR Training from Our Experienced Sales Leadership Team

SEG’s award-winning sales training program allows your team to increase performance while driving sales skills that stick. It doesn’t matter if you have a junior or senior sales team, SEG has a curriculum that is time-tested and covers every stage of the sales process. The bottom line is that every sales training program is designed to drive revenue growth for your sales organization. 80% of sales training programs are ineffective and not absorbed by sales professionals. Why? Because they are done in 1–2-day increments and not practiced and reinforced on a regular basis. SEG’s model is to provide a curriculum that is done in bite-size chunks and reinforced monthly and quarterly. Our curriculum (60 hours of ongoing sales training) is done over time with the modern-day training that drives high performance. In addition, it is retained and drives high impact for individuals and your company. Contact us to design your program to drive high performance and revenue growth.

What SEG Provides



When a client signs on for our BDR/SDR outsourced program, we provide the proven training which we've developed over the last 10 years. Onboarding, training, learning the sales playbook, those all fall on SEG's plate.



All BDR/SDRs are assigned to one of our managers. The manager continues to provide coaching and ongoing development to help reps improve and, ultimately, make the jump over to your company.



Our managers stay in close contact with all our clients delivering regular reports, status updates, and going over outbound strategy. This is done over the phone, Zoom, Slack, Teams, email, whichever the organization prefers.


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