Exciting News! Sales Empowerment Group acquires Square 2 Marketing

We are pleased to announce that SEG has joined forces with Square 2 Marketing, a highly-recognized outsourced sales and marketing consulting firm.

[Webinar] How to Optimize for Growth in a Low-Growth Economy

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, growth can be an uphill battle. The risk of recession looms, top talent is scarce, productivity is low, and uncertainties abound. Our webinar will address these challenges head-on, providing attendees with a high-level overview of our proven growth model.
Participants will gain insights into:

  • Optimizing sales and driving higher ROI
  • Reducing employee churn for enhanced team performance
  • Implementing demand creation marketing strategies for maximum opportunities
  • Leveraging technology and data analytics to drive growth
  • Our experts will share success stories and practical solutions that have resulted in over $1.2Bn in revenue growth for our clients. Attendees will leave with a clear roadmap for elevating their businesses and thriving in a low-growth economy.

SEG Hall of Fame: Alumni Journey from Rookie Season to Sales All-Stars

June 16, 2021 1PM CST

Sales and marketing efforts rarely grow at the same time or same pace. In this webinar, Jason Torgler (Chief Revenue Officer at A-LIGN) shares how to bring these efforts together to accelerate new business growth.

[Webinar]Crushing SQL Targets with your BDR Team: How Aligning Sales and Marketing Bolsters Pipeline

Jason Torgler

Chief Revenue Officer at A-Lign

Brian O'Neil

CEO - Sales Empowerment Group

Mark Tack

Project-Based CMO, SEG

SEG Sales Summit 2021: Be Fearless. Be Extraordinary.

Heather Monahan

Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker

Larry Long Jr.

Founder & CEO - Larry Long Jr, Enterprise

Jack Daly

CEO - Professional Sales Coach

Galem Girmay

Sales Executive & Podcast Host

John Costigan

Founder & CEO

Gabrielle "GB" Blackwell

Sales Development Saastress

Jackie Hermes

Saas Marketer & Growth Advisor

Mara Maddocks

Executive VP Mac Medical

Mark Hunter

Author & Keynote Speaker

Brian O'Neil

CEO - Sales Empowerment Group

[Webinar]Unboxing SEKO’s Success: The Logistics of Growing a BDR Team

Brian Bourke (Chief Growth Officer) has a highly successful BDR team at SEKO Logistics. What’s his secret? In short – It goes beyond recruiting the right BDRs. In this (virtual) fireside chat, Brian O’Neil (CEO of Sales Empowerment Group) and Mark Tack (Project-Based CMO) dig in to Brian’s “bookend system” where the front is all about strategy and marketing, the back end is all data and measurement, and right there in the middle is the BDR team. We’ll look at how this all flows together and discuss how long it takes, realistically, to put a system like this into place.

Building a BDR/SDR team is intimidating. Especially when it's just one of many initiatives on the VP of Sales' plate. So, whether you're building a BDR Team for the first time, or the first time at a new company, we'd like to share some best practices from Josh Fosburg (VP of Enterprise Sales at WordPress VIP) a sales leader with 15+ years experience building outbound sales teams. He was building BDR teams before they were even called BDRs!

[Webinar]Building a BDR/SDR Team from Scratch | VP of Sales Guide to Growing Outbound Sales

Josh Fosburg

Josh Fosburg

VP Enterprise Sales, Wordpress VIP

Brian O'Neil

CEO - Sales Empowerment Group

Mark Tack

Project-Based CMO, SEG

The Growth Engine: A Blueprint for Scaling Your Business E-Book

Marketing Engine 2.0, or The Growth Engine, paints a picture of all the parts and pieces required to achieve revenue...

Mark Tack

Project-based CMO,

Marketing leader for 6 PE/venture backed companies

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Trusted by over 500 companies

Lead Optimization Engine E-Book Thumbnail

The Inbound Lead Optimization Engine: A Blueprint for Filling Your Funnel Fast

Lead management is a numbers game. 1,000 inbound leads could turn into 400 qualified leads. From that, maybe only 60 will be real opportunities from which just 6 deals are won. How can organizations win at this numbers game?

Learn how top CEO’s, Sales Leaders and Private Firms have accelerated revenue growth by utilizing SEG’s Services

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Trusted by over 500 companies

Accelerate Growth - List of Services

Sales Empowerment Group designs sales and marketing solutions to increase revenue growth. We use a strategic, time-tested approach, working with our clients to create a sales-focused culture that helps them build revenue faster.


Virtual Sales Teams

We’ve helped more than 500 companies hand-select their sales teams, grow faster, and reduce fixed costs.



Outsourced BDRs, SDRs, MDRs

Incubate your future sales and marketing talent with our outsourced "farm system" model


Team Meeting

Sales & Marketing Leadership

With SEG’s Interim Management Model, you get all the functions of a Sales and Marketing Leader at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.


marketing team

Marketing Services

Build a bridge between your marketing and outbound sales efforts. We assist with digital marketing, LinkedIn, content creation, and email outreach.



Talent Acquisition

SEG works with our clients to determine their specific KPIs and builds a team with the lead generation skills necessary to meet their goals.


Industries We Serve

SaaS and Tech-Enabled




Professional Services

Freight & Transportation


Private Equity


SEG’s executives are experienced in the software and tech industries, and our revenue acceleration are designed to produce results within eight weeks.

Over the past decade, SEG has helped some of the largest healthcare companies drive revenue and exceed their sales goals.

Our Benefits Sales Incubator service allows us to help benefit organizations lower turnover and reduce costs.

SEG’s manufacturing division helps manufacturing clients solve the war for clients by hiring millennials to generate revenue alongside baby boomers.

Through branding consulting and smart scaling of their business, SEG helps professional services get in front of more buyers at a faster rate.

SEG advises freight and transportation companies on ways to build sales and talent models to grow faster and smarter.

SEG assists technology companies in highlighting their differentiators so they can drive revenue growth.

SEG works alongside Private Equity firms to leverage their sales and marketing in order to support their portfolio companies.

The importance of re-defining your customer engagement strategy under the current and post pandemic environment will be the key for medical companies to thrive in the new normal.


Clients Served




Sales Leadership Engagements


Sales Representatives


Revenue Growth Playbooks Created

Build Your Sales Team's Farm System | E-Book

Every organization wants to set more meetings and grow their new business pipeline. But what's the best way to accelerate growth...


SEG's Team Is Your Team

When you work with SEG, you’re able to hand-select your sales, marketing, and leadership teams to drive revenue acceleration. With the combination of talent and SEG’s Revenue Growth Model we implement the right resources that are needed to execute on hitting our clients’ goals. 75% of our clients lift and shift SEG’s talent and infrastructure resources at the 9-12-month mark. It’s simple: our people are your people.

An Outstanding Company and Stellar Launch Point

This is an ideal starting point for as aspiring BDR looking to attain top of the line training, consistent guidance and plentiful opportunity to launch their sales career. A progressive and forward thinking company that creates a nurturing, safe and invigorating work atmosphere where BDR's can collaborate, thrive and build the proper foundation for a successful sales career. Management is adept, flexible and reliable. They've gone above and beyond to adapt and move the company forward through this pandemic and they show time and time again that they care about investing in their talent.

Great organization that fosters the growth and development of sales skills

Sales Empowerment Group provides continual training that is not only relevant but valuable. Regardless of the length of time in your role at SEG, you're constantly learning and building upon your professional strengths. With the floor being made up of a variety of clients, you are able to collaborate with your co-workers and learn from one-another. SEG has provided me with the resources to help leverage my skills and talent as well as experience that will allow me to excel in my professional career.

Fun, Energetic, Career Building Workplace

I love coming into work everyday. Inside sales is not an easy gig, but with supportive managers and friendly co-workers, SEG takes a lot of the stress away. It's not the same old boring thing everyday, but rather a fun environment that encourages growth. SEG has given me the building blocks to start my career.


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