Eric Moore

Chief Revenue Officer

Eric is a highly accomplished sales executive fueled by a passion for business development, boasting a proven track record of success in both domestic and international sales, marketing, service, and channel management. 

Acknowledged for his expertise in assembling and guiding high-performing sales teams, orchestrating pivotal initiatives, and implementing process enhancements to ensure optimal outcomes, Eric stands out in overseeing sales and proposal teams as well as field and support functions. With a knack for steering significant, multi-location initiatives and programs, Eric has consistently demonstrated excellence in customer experience management.

In his previous role, Eric served as the lead executive of a globally recognized top 20 sales training company, having successfully trained over 500,000 sales professionals worldwide. Under Eric’s leadership, the business achieved record financial performance and navigated a successful private equity transaction. 

Widely regarded as a thought leader in sales, Eric continually shapes sales strategy and tactics for SEG and its clients, contributing to a dynamic and forward-thinking approach in the field.