Mike Lieberman

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Lieberman is a lifelong marketer who has spent most of his career working directly with sales organizations. He recognizes that marketing’s role is to generate leads for the sales team to close. Over his 20 years, Mike has seen firsthand how poor marketing is rooted in a lack of strategy and that most companies practice hit-or-miss marketing, hoping something sticks only to be constantly disappointed when their programs underperform.

Mike has worked with companies in almost every industry and they all have similar challenges – no marketing strategy, the wrong set of tactics, poorly designed campaigns, a missing or incomplete technology platform, lack of resources, and no process to scale revenue generation. In short, there’s no system.

For the past 20 years at Square 2, we’ve been building a Revenue Generation System™ that scales lead generation, new revenue generation, and business growth. Today, we teach companies our system, or we use it on their behalf to help them grow their B2B companies.

Mike is the author of The Revenue Generation Blog and host of the podcast/videocast What’s Wrong With Revenue? He is also a frequent public speaker on the topics of lead generation, the new buyer journey, and creating remarkable companies. In his spare time, Mike loves playing pickleball – he’s also an active biker, kayaker, and runner. His personal mantra is, “Be bold and mighty forces will follow.”