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BDR/SDR Outbound Victories - December

Great story to share as we close out 2021. 

Background - At one of our clients, there are 3 "All Star" BDRs who've created over $9 million (!) in opportunities since November 1st alone.

And, just to be clear here, that's November 1st, 2021!

This client is so happy with the results, they've approached us about paying out commissions to their SEG BDRs on opportunities created and business closed to really take this program to the next level as we head into year 3 with the client. 

This is a great example of the impact our BDR/SDRs have in terms of generating pipeline, but it also highlights how SEG can function as a long-term solution. Clients can keep their outsourced "Farm System" up and running for multiple years, hiring BDR/SDRs away, bringing new people in, all with the consistency of our training program and team of managers.

Excited to share more stories "from the pit" in 2022!

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