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BDR/SDR Outbound Victories - September

Historically, when a B2B company built their BDR/SDR team, they would handle all the recruiting, hiring, training, and managing. This was true when building a team of 1-2 reps or 10-20+ reps. 

Ten years ago, we launched a totally different approach with Sales Empowerment Group (SEG). Instead of building the team internally, our clients turn to us to recruit/hire, train, and manage their BDR/SDRs. 

On the business level, the BDR/SDR's LinkedIn job title, email address, Hubspot/Salesforce logins, Slack/Microsoft Teams, etc., all of that reflects the client. However, the BDR/SDRs are full-time employees on SEG's payroll and benefits.

On the training/managing level, each BDR/SDR is assigned to one of our managers. Our managers work with your Director of Sales, VP of Sales, CRO, CEO, Owner, whoever you have overseeing outbound sales. 

After 3-12 months, companies hire reps away, bringing the reps 100% onto their team/payroll.

Right now, we have almost 100 BDR/SDRs working at SEG on behalf of 40+ clients.

Sharing Success Stories from our BDR/SDRs

We've wanted to share wins from our BDR/SDRs each month, but it's a little tricky since we can't reveal all the names of clients, BDR/SDRs, or the companies they've set an appointment with. However, we didn't want that to stand in the way of sharing these stories, in some form, on a monthly basis. 

Here's a look at some of our recent wins. 

Setting Appointments that Turn into Opportunities

Our client in the global cybersecurity and compliance sector had 15 meetings that ran in the month of August through the efforts of their 3-person BDR team (managed by SEG).

One of the three reps has had 9 opportunities close into actual business in the 10 months they've been here. A total exceeding $450,000!

This rep was also invited to attend an in-person conference at the end of September in California called SaaStr - a B2B SaaS Training event.

We're proud of the work our BDR/SDRs put in each and every day. Stay tuned for more of these stories on our blog each month!

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