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CRM Automation = Recurring Revenue

Posted by Sales Empowerment Group on Jun 23, 2016 | Updated on 04/09/20 11:11 AM

Out of sight, out of mind — be it with clients or prospects, it’s a dangerous position for companies and their sales team to be in. Prospects may not remember you when it comes time to purchase what you sell, and longtime customers may feel resentment if they think you are taking their business for granted.

While reaching out to customers regularly is crucial, it’s easy for the task to get lost in the whirlwind of day-to-day sales work. Depending on your role, you may have hundreds of customers to attend to.

Using your CRM to set up recurring tasks, campaigns, and form emails can streamline communications, preventing opportunities from slipping through the cracks.

Here are some ideas to drive your communication, revenue, and creativity:

  • Put recurring tasks in your contacts for their birthdays, work/wedding anniversaries, or the anniversary of when they became a client.
  • Send a thank you after an order has been received or payment has been made.
  • Along with the thank you, include a brief questionnaire you can use to assess customer satisfaction.
  • Every month, automate emails to send customers and prospects photos and brief captions about a new application for your product or the latest case study. Invite recipients to share their creative ideas.
  • For prospects, set up an email touch campaign organized to fit your sales cycle in a way that does not become too frequent and annoying. In each successive email, tell a story that engages and walks them down the path toward working with you.

These are all viable, revenue-producing tactics that can make an impact on your business. Want to discuss specific other ways to stay top of mind with your customers and prospects? Or maybe you really need help to execute? Either way…