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Exceed Your Q4 Number with These Easy-To-Implement Marketing Strategies

Autumn is here, but it’s not too late to impact 2018 results with these easy-to-implement marketing campaigns.

A popular question from clients this time of year is “We have four months left in the year. What kind of marketing strategies will help us make our revenue numbers?”

Put these foundational tools into action for both customers and prospects, and your chance of success improves:

Customer Marketing Checklist

  • Segment your customer base. Not all customers are alike, and you shouldn’t treat them the same.
  • Categorize them by revenue size, frequency of purchase, profitability, and those that have not bought from you in the last year.
  • Develop messaging and an offer for each segment to encourage incremental revenue in Q4.
  • Show top revenue customers the love by encouraging them to achieve a special status to reach the next order level and receive a year-end bonus.
  • Make your most profitable customers feel appreciated by inviting them to a special event or webinar reserved for your most important customers.
  • Give dormant customers a push if needed to get them started or to influence them to choose you over a competitor. Provide an offer to get the end-of-year order.

Prospect Marketing Checklist

  • Segment your prospect database. Not all prospects are alike, and you shouldn’t treat them the same either.
  • Divide your prospects into groups, and develop campaigns and messaging for each unique category.
  • Harpoon a whale. That is, target two or three of your largest opportunities, and create an account-based marketing plan that targets several influencers and decision makers within the company. Send them promotional items to create top-of-mind awareness for follow up by your business development rep.
  • Target a vertical where you have expertise, and develop a case study within that vertical. Send out a video describing how you tackled this challenge.
  • Invite prospects to a webinar that promises year-end business building strategies.

Now What?

It’s not too late to implement these programs. They begin with data you already have at your fingertips. Click here to find out how Sales Empowerment Group can help you put these strategies into action.

Written by Geoff Kehoe