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How to Become Your Client’s Trusted Advisor

Every sales professional strives to build great relationships. The ultimate level is that of a Trusted Advisor. So, how do you get there?

On a recent trip to the UK, I made contact with former clients and found myself welcomed with open arms. I spent the Sunday of my arrival tooling around London and enjoyed a dinner with them later in the week, despite having limited contact over the previous two years.

After the day was over, I reflected and realized that reconnecting was so easy because the business relationship that we once had was built on trust and mutual respect.

Part of the Team

What’s the best way for you to create a trusted advisor relationship with your clients?
My best advice is to be yourself, work hard, be sincere, and be aligned with their vision. Help them to achieve the mission and the vision -- and most importantly -- be part of achieving the outcome.
Prior to the UK trip, I had been so busy changing companies and changing roles, I hadn’t taken the time to reflect on the relationship I had established with this client. For four years, I sat inside the client’s doors as a sales coach and trainer. I certified their sales leaders as sales coaches.

How it Happened

Often, I worked early morning or late night hours to accommodate the time difference between our offices and their headquarters in India. Over the course of this relationship, I became part of their team.

My Trusted Advisor status was a result of being in the trenches with this client, helping to build their sales enablement infrastructure, and coaching leaders to sales success. More importantly, I now realize that by aligning myself with the Chief Sales Officer and helping him to accomplish his vision and mission, I was earning the Trusted Advisor badge. I was part of building his organization.

Years later, I can see the evidence of his tidal wave of success and am humbled to have been part of it. I was fortunate to contribute to his vision and his ultimate trajectory of success.

If you want to achieve Trusted Advisor status with that important client, be part of building their vision, work hard, be yourself, and become part of your client’s organization and culture. You will reap rewards on many levels including friendships around the world.

Written by Geoff Kehoe