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New York Yankees (and your sales team) need a good Farm System

If you've seen some of our LinkedIn posts/blog posts/eBooks, you know we love a good sports analogy. Today is no exception! And, since the playoffs are underway, let's head over to the world of Major League Baseball. 

Page 2 - This is Aaron Judge

Some people say that's the most in MLB history...

Page 3 - This is Aaron Judge (1)

Especially if those people live in New York City... 

Page 7 - This is Aaron Judge

Page 8 - This is Aaron Judge

Page 7 - This is Aaron Judge (2)

Page 10 - This is Aaron Judge

Page 11 - This is Aaron Judge

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BDR In Between Role

Hard to do in house

You Need

Without these resources in-place, the role becomes stressful and ramp-up takes longer (or it doesn't work out at all). 

Didnt Work Out

Which stinks, because you worked hard to recruit a talented person. And that person wanted to succeed. To make matters worse, if you don't have a good system in place (coaching, training, managing, tech & tools), this cycle will keep repeating itself with each new hire. 

SEG BElieve Farm System

That's why we've created a "Farm System" for B2B sales teams.

How it works - We not only recruit, we also provide the team manager, sales playbook, onboarding, training, and coaching. The reps are on our payroll and benefits, but outward facing, everything is your company -- meaning their job title on LinkedIn, email address, Slack/Teams. You are in regular communication with your BDR/SDR(s) as well as their manager. And they're surrounded by 160+ other BDR/SDRs, receiving encouragement, learning from their peers, making lasting friendships.

Happy Team of BDRs

It's that simple. We become an extension of your current team and drive game-changing results. Your BDR/SDR(s) have support, ramp-up takes less time, and the whole process moves faster.

New Records

so let hire train manage

red sox

Interested in learning more and discussing your sales team goals for 2023? Or have an opinion on what the real season season home run record should be - would love to hear that too! You can schedule a call with our team via the button below.

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Written by Chris O'Brien