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How Sales Outsourcing Can Help Transform and Grow Your Company


There are many compelling reasons to consider sales outsourcing for startups, family owned-businesses, investment-backed businesses and established businesses, but what it truly boils down to is one key factor — sales expertise. 

Partnering with credible sales outsourcing companies offers you and your business access to experts with proven methodologies and in-depth knowledge of sales best practices. In addition, everything can be tracked factually through analytics and technology. These organizations understand how to generate qualified leads for new revenue opportunities. Perhaps more importantly, they help businesses stay focused on what they do best, rather than lose valuable time and resources trying to build out sales teams/methodologies by themselves.

Below are some examples of how sales outsourcing can transform your company’s sales proficiency.


A chance to test a range of sales models.

You’re an expert in what you produce or the services you provide, but “cracking the code” of sales models doesn’t automatically come with this specialized knowledge. Outsourcing enables you to test a range of sales models to identify what clicks with your customers and what leaves them cold.


Boost lead generation. 

Generating qualified leads is a challenge for any organization — big or small. In such situations, there can be an acute lack of sales expertise in-house — meaning you may have a great product or service, but haven’t yet figured out how to get prospective customers interested. Or, simply, you want to enhance your current lead-flow.

A strong outsourced sales firm knows how to break into existing, new and/or underserved markets. It also understands what steps to take (and what steps to avoid). Of course, a business can acquire this knowledge by itself through trial and error, but at a significant cost of time and resources.


Benefit from a proficiency in sales analytics. 

Outsourced sales often include valuable skill in state-of-the-art sales analytics. These metrics are specifically designed to reduce sales-related expenses, enhance operating efficiencies and prioritize prospects in the pipeline. The effect — in terms of cost- and time-savings, not to mention revenues and ROI in general — can be dramatic.


Save valuable time expended on recruitment and hiring. 

Every business owner knows what’s involved in the sales hiring process: composing job descriptions, placing ads on job posts, sifting through responses, conducting multiple interviews, hiring and orientation. Imagine being able to apply your finite time and resources toward more immediate revenue-generating opportunities. Until you have the bandwidth to attend to this area, why not rely on a highly trained cadre of outsourced sales professionals to get the job done?


Improve management of your sales department. 

Outsourced sales consultants offer expertise and a fresh perspective on ways to expand or optimize your existing sales operations. These consultants can undertake an in-depth assessment of your current sales resources and help determine key areas to develop for future growth.

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Written by Geoff Kehoe