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Turning One Webinar into 20 Pieces of Content

If you follow Gary Vaynerchuk ("GaryVee") on LinkedIn, you might have seen him use the following concept. The idea is to start with one big piece of content (webinar, ebook, podcast episode) and turn it into dozens of smaller pieces of content. 

The concept also shows up in Joe Pulizzi’s book, “Epic Content Marketing." Todd Wheatland, back when he was Vice President of thought leadership at Kelly Services (the global staffing firm), would create 20 pieces of content (such as SlideShare presentations, videos, blog posts, and white papers) all from one story idea.

We decided to put this strategy to the test. Could we take our recent webinar with Josh Fosburg (VP of Enterprise Sales at WordPress VIP) and turn it into 20 pieces of content? Well, let's see how it worked out.

1: The Full Recording

We downloaded the full webinar recording off of Zoom, added intro graphics and music, then put it on our website behind a marketing form. When someone fills out the form, they become an MQL. We also put the full video up on YouTube as an unlisted video, so our team can send the link to prospects.

Register to watch full webinar

2 - 10: Smaller "Highlight" Videos

The goal here is 2 - 5 minute videos. Here's an example of one from the larger webinar. 

11: A Blog Recap

Using the 9 shorter videos, we created a recap blog called "Building a BDR/SDR Team From Scratch: 9 Best Practices from VP of Sales Josh Fosburg."

We recommend your blog recap be a mix of video and text so people can jump around to which parts they're interested in. This type of article/blog post is also a nice boost for your website's SEO.

Blog Recap12 - 13: LinkedIn Slideshows

These are our favorite form of content right now. We've noticed the slideshows we post on LinkedIn are far exceeding (in terms of views + likes) links to articles, blog posts, or a download page for a webinar/ebook. The trick to these LinkedIn slideshows is to make each page brief, easy to read, and engaging. 

LinkedIn SlideshowsYou can also convert these slideshows into short videos via Canva like this one below:

14: Podcast episode 

We have an existing podcast on Apple podcasts and Spotify called, "Be Fearless, Be Extraordinary." So we went into Zoom, downloaded the audio version of our webinar, and then uploaded it as a new episode. 


15 - 17: Pullquotes

Take a few quotes from the webinar, pair them with the speaker's photo and now you've got images to post on social, within a blog post, or use in an ebook. We put together three, but with an hour long webinar, it'd be easy to find another 10 to use. 

Helpful Tip - Consider using a site like to quickly create a transcript of your webinar. That way it's an easy copy/paste. 

Fosburg quote

18: Use video clips in a different blog

We were writing a blog post last week and there was a part about the BDR/SDR team functioning like a Farm System for your sales organization. Instead of writing something new, we remembered there was a great clip on this topic from the Josh Fosburg webinar. Found the video. Added it in. 


true farm system model

19. Sales & Marketing email campaigns

Our sales and marketing team can now use any of the content options listed above in their email outreach. 

email marketing fosburg

20. Content in our monthly newsletter

Then, when it's time to create our monthly newsletter, we don't have to start from scratch. Just insert one or two of the content options from the webinar and we're good to go. 

Newsletter Fos

And there are still plenty more options for repurposing content. We could publish the full transcript as a blog post (great for SEO purposes). Use the videos for an ad on LinkedIn or YouTube. Or create an infographic. 

All of this to say, one webinar can feed your content marketing efforts for an entire month (maybe longer)!

If you're interested in learning more or you'd like to test out our next Content Marketing Booster, please reach out to John Stob or call us at 312-283-4653. We'd love to help power your content marketing efforts. 

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Written by Chris O'Brien