Ambulatory Management Solutions

Ambulatory Management Solutions


Problem: After several attempts, and a seven-figure investment, of bringing on experiences healthcare sales leaders to hire, train, and develop a sales staff, we were running out of options to build out our sales infrastructure. Our organization is complex and has a significant competitive edge so we needed to grow while we had this window but were bottle-necked by these failures and wasted time of experimenting and training. We knew we had the expertise internally with our operational personnel to close new business, but we lacked a scalable lead generation process and building a formal sales pipeline. 

Solution: It was time to entrust a sales organization and culture to help us hire great sales people and train them while trusting our current clinical and operational teams to supply the content for training and support the close the deals. We were introduced to SEG through a trusted sales executive and have been blown away by the results. They have been the sales staff incubator and management that we were missing to develop young sales talent with appropriate structure, resources and tools using our team’s content and organizational expertise. We recently just brought both BDR’s into our organization and have plans in the near future to add additional BDR’s under their tutelage this year with SEG’s support.


Outcome: We now have quadrupled the amount of leads in our sales pipeline, made 2X on our investment in 12 months, and grew our biggest client by 30% with the SEG BDR’s impact on market awareness, setting meetings, and cross-selling our service to contacts we have been trying for years to get through to.


“The SEG team’s combination of recruiting sales talent, providing excellent training resources and sales management, and providing a culture for these individuals to thrive in is something that cannot be found elsewhere. We now extended our relationship to include marketing consulting as another layer of our trust and confidence in the relationship and it’s future success.”

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