Sales Empowerment Group Case Study

Businessolver Case Study

Posted by Sales Empowerment Group on Aug 1, 2022

Problem: Businessolver is a leader in the SaaS-based benefits administration technology services space and private equity backed by Warburg Pincus. In 2015, Businessolver was looking for an organization that could provide a turnkey lead generation outsourced sales team to open up new opportunities in the mid-market and enterprise sales market. What was important to Businessolver was finding an outsource lead generation partner, however, wanted to make sure if felt completing integrated into Businessolver’s team. In addition, the ability to hire away top performing talent during the engagement.

Solution: SEG quickly jumped in to gain a thorough understanding of Businessolver’s services, process, and value proposition to the marketplace. Businessolver started with 3 outsourced BDR’s and over a 3 year period added another 15 BDR’s to the team. In addition, Businessolver hired away 6 BDR’s and two of them are outside Sales Consultants. SEG’s solution over a 3 year period allowed Businessolver to obtain over 17 new logos in the mid-market and enterprise space.

Outcome: SEG’s Program helped Businessolver obtain 17 new logos and an 8X ROI. The CRO at Businessolver, Dave Moore, said, “If you are in the SaaS/Technology space and need to grow quickly Sales Empowerment Group is the way to go.”

Tags: Sales Incubation, Talent Acquisition, Sales and Marketing Consulting, SaaS