Cargo Agency

Cargo Agency

Client Info:

Cargo is a full-service, fully integrated marketing agency with locations in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. Their global specialty is helping big brands reach, connect, market, sell to, and retain small business customers.



After 15 years of operation, Cargo found themselves in a growth rut. They had little outbound sales motion and relied solely on legacy approaches, resulting in stagnant growth. To diversify their client base and expand their opportunities they sought the assistance of an external partner.



Over the following six months, SEG implemented a number of initiatives to drive results fast, including:

  • A customized sales playbook that captured all tribal knowledge and mapped out the sales process
  • Hiring and training two junior BDRs to excel with Cargo's target market of C-level executive's at $500M+ companies
  • Launching a monthly newsletter for leads Refreshing sales collateral such as decks, case studies, white papers, etc.
  • Leveraging personal connections and social media to source leads organically
  • Recruiting a VP of Sales to help establish Cargo's sales engine


At a Glance


  • Overcoming a sales growth plateau and modernizing legacy sales structures.



  • 60+ meetings in 6 months
  • 10x pipeline growth




In-House Development

Following a successful incubation period, Cargo decided to further develop a BDRs role in-house.


Leadership Foundation

A rock-solid sales infrastructure in place ensured their new VP of Sales was set up for success from day one.



SEG brought a systematic approach to rearchitecting and documenting Cargo’s sales cycle from prospecting through close. Once the process was designed, they helped us better define our sales roles and fill those roles that were open or that were inadequately staffed. In short, SEG provided an end-to-end solution for Cargo’s sales mission and organization." - G. T. "Toby" Stansell, CEO

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