Carrum Health

Carrum Health

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Carrum Health is the first digital health company connecting employers and employees to Centers of Excellence (COEs) through a technology-powered value-based care platform.



Prior to partnering with SEG, Carrum Health's VPs and executives had to take on the time-consuming task of making sales calls while juggling C-suite responsibilities. This slowed down the overall sales process. To address this challenge, they required a team to handle prospecting and target mid- to enterprise-level companies.



SEG underwent rigorous training to gain a thorough understanding of Carrum Health and its competitive advantages. Through role-playing, call reviews, and scripting, reps were well-equipped to start their work immediately. The sales team maintained consistency in terms of messaging and setting up quality meetings, which eventually led to a 70% meeting run rate and 18 sales opportunities associated with SEG BDRs.


At a Glance


  • No established sales team to conduct outreach
  • Managing in-house sales reps



  • 128 meetings set in 12 months
  • $8 million in pipeline associated with SEG BDRs




In-House Sales Talent

After a successful incubation period, 3 out of 9 SEG BDRs were hired away.


Brand Establishment

Carrum Health was able to establish itself as a leader in enterprise healthcare benefits, thanks to SEG's BDR model.



"Sales Empowerment Group is a great way to build a bench!" - Adam Claypool, Vice President, Commercial Operations

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