Problem: S-CUBE is a company specializing in supplying product fixtures and hardware to major retailers across the country. Over the last decade, they launched a “custom fixture division” to assist in driving new business with larger retailers. However, sales and revenue eventually grew stagnant for the custom fixture division. The sales team lacked accountability, process, and direction, as a sales leader had never been put in place to manage and develop the team.


Solution: Seeing the gaps in leadership and operations, the SEG solution focused on Interim VP of Sales. SEG helped grow S-CUBE’s overall company performance by developing standardized coaching and training, while also establishing best practices for CRM, identifying key mid-market sales opportunities, and boosting efforts for outbound marketing. This yielded an increase of 36% YoY for S-Cube, as well as the closing of three of the largest accounts in company history.



“It was like the Wild West in the sales department before we hired SEG. We had some salespeople with potential, but our management team did not have the skills to turn their potential into actual sales. SEG came in and immediately put the practices and policies in place that made our team accountable and helped them focus on what mattered.

– Eric Weinstein
Owner, S-CUBE


“Sales Empowerment Group are movers and shakers. I don’t know how they do it, but wow can they get things done! CEO Brian O’Neil orchestrated a wonderful team of experts that will take my company to the next level. And they are all real straight shooters. If they say it’s going to happen … take it to the bank! I’m so glad to have come to know SEG. I would strongly recommend SEG without hesitation.”
— Michael Trattner, President, Excelerated Learning Systems


SEG helped a Silicon Valley startup company, Konnect Labs, profitably launch its product in over 15 different countries and in the U.S., driving first-year revenue of over $5 million.