Clarity Insights Case Study

Clarity Insights Case Study

Clarity Insights, and SEG partnership:​ Clarity Insights mission is to deliver high-value, industry-focused solutions that encompass otherwise siloed initiatives so you can leverage real-time analytics, a 360-degree view of your data ecosystem and enable continuous intelligence for future evolution. By unleashing the insights locked in your data and transforming it into a conduit for growth... you’re able to not just make moment-in-time decisions, but to future-proof your organization by anticipating what’s to come.


At Clarity Insights, we’re authentic in our actions and approach, we have a passion for innovation and we know that smart insights lead to better outcomes... making way for you to achieve unstoppable business intelligence.


Solution​: Clarity Insights hired SEG to recruit, develop and train Business Development Representatives (BDRs) who had the business maturity and acumen to properly represent the Clarity Insights brand with Fortune 500 Corporate Executives. Their task is to make the first point of contact to drive the front end of the funnel by setting executive-level meetings for the Clarity Insights Client Executives. The BDRs made a big impact by setting quality meetings with the right executives which developed into new opportunities for the firm.


Outcome:​ In less than 6 months the BDRs scheduled over 70 appointments, which in a short period of time contributed to an estimated $1.2M in early stage pipeline revenue. The BDRs from SEG are a valuable prospecting partner for Clarity Insights' Client Executives.




SEG provides excellent end to end service, from their involvement on day one in hiring qualified BDRs, to their onboarding, training and ongoing support. They have become a trusted partner working alongside us to ensure alignment with our expectations. Through weekly reporting and strategy meetings, we were able to ensure that our goals were being met and that individuals felt empowered to make this program successful. I would recommend SEG to companies looking to help convert leads to meetings to complement their overall sales strategy.                                                                   

-Debbie Callahan, Chief Sales Officer


The SEG business development representatives have shown a passion and willingness to learn to expand his/her sales horizons. This passion has been reflected in their performance!

-Ted Mattson, Client Principal, Financial Services           


Working with our BDR rep from SEG has been a great experience so far. The ability to interview multiple pre-selected candidates to find the one that would be the best fit for Clarity and our team was great. Knowing that the reps are also getting constant coaching and training on the fundamentals allows me to just focus on the more specific business discussions and scripting for our services and products. Our BDR has very much felt a part of our team as well, regularly joining calls, adapting to changes in process and tools for our CRM and working on different campaigns in collaboration with us.             

-Peter Berger, Client Principal, Healthcare Provider


Tags: Professional Services, Sales Incubation