DeCurtis is the leader in transformational experience technology focused on cruise but applicable to restaurants, theme parks, and the extended hospitality industry. With a vast range of experience working with some of the world’s best, most-recognized brands, DeCurtis transforms existing client experiences to make them better, faster and stronger through creative application of the latest technology. Pairing deep industry knowledge with that technology, DeCurtis transforms day-to-day experiences for clients and their guests.


Camille Olivere (Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing) joined DeCurtis to start and lead their sales and marketing departments. When she started, there were no outside sales reps, other than members of the C-suite making sales calls. As Camille came on board, the c-suite’s goal was to grow the business quickly, create a robust funnel and pipeline, filled with new opportunities targeted at selected industries


DeCurtis hired SEG to provide help in the following areas:

- Work with DeCurtis to align sales and marketing plans.
- Create a Sales Playbook to be used for onboarding, training, and document the “DeCurtis Way” for sales & marketing
- Develop sales training & materials for sales outreach success
- Train a sales team (on competitors, scripting, potential objections) and provide ongoing coaching for sales cadence and deal movement
- Inside Sales team management
- Sales Call observations, call feedback sessions, role-plays, sales development


Bringing in SEG helped DeCurtis accelerate revenue growth, quickly generating opportunities in the pipeline. This helped Camille cover more ground and build her department faster.

“I remember pulling up salesforce and seeing 2 opportunities at the beginning,” Camille said. “Now there are 50 in the pipeline.”

When working with SEG, Jennifer Hogberg (Partner, SEG) managed the day-to-day, creating and implementing sales strategy, managing the outside sellers and Erin Lin (Sales Manager, SEG) managed the BDRs, providing coaching and making sure the reps hit their KPI numbers. DeCurtis ultimately hired 1 of the 2BDRs, and both outside sellers as full-time employees.

“Sales Empowerment Group enabled us to do everything more quickly than if it was on our own,” Camille said. “We started with no prospects, no pipeline, no funnel. It really looks like a machine now.”

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