K-Ratio Case Study

K-Ratio Case Study

Background on K-Ratio: K-Ratio provides market research, dynamic pricing, and risk management services in conjunction with its award-winning Freight Intelligence platform.

Problem + Solution:
K-Ratio developed several new solutions but only had industry subject matter experts to sell their offerings.  K-Ratio retained SEG to hire, train and manage their first two business development representatives (BDRs) to help them - not only set meetings with new prospective clients - but also manage the sales process to support them close new business. If they succeeded, their desire was to hire their BDRs as full time employees.


Outcome: The BDRs were able to set over 100 meetings within the first 4 months of the launch which turned into over 3 billion dollars in freight data and 20 million gallons of diesel risk management brought under K-Ratio's guidance. K-Ratio hired their first two BDRs as full time sales reps within the first 6 months of the project and have already added two additional BDRs to continue building their pipeline.  


"We needed to build a sales team quickly and didn’t have the internal resources to do so. SEG met our goal of not only hiring very professional and successful sales reps, but we are extremely pleased with how quickly they learned our business and produced results, so we received a significant return on our investment with SEG."


- Patrick Draut | Managing Partner | K-Ratio

Tags: Sales Incubation, Talent Acquisition, SaaS