Livongo is a chronic condition management application for businesses to provide their employees. Livongo’s goal is to drive behavioral changes through the combination of consumer health technology, personalized recommendations, and real-time support at the point of impact.


Livongo wanted to build a predictable and scalable revenue engine. They knew they needed additional resources to help build the top of their sales funnel. However, similar to most rapidly growing companies, the sales organization had very little time to dedicate towards successfully recruiting, hiring, training, and managing a Business Development Representative team.


Livongo hired four Business Development Representatives through Sales Empowerment Group in efforts to pack their senior sales representatives with weekly, qualified meetings.


In seven short months, the BDRs set over 170 meetings for Livongo, resulting in seven closed deals and $3.95M in estimated revenue. Livongo offered four permanent positions for the Sales Empowerment Group representatives as ADMs.


"SEG helped accelerate my sales career by giving me the tools and resources needed to succeed. I am grateful for the amazing opportunities that the program has given me.”

- John Ackers

Tags: Healthcare, SaaS, BDR