Optimum Safety Management

Optimum Safety Management


Optimum Safety Management is a full-service safety management firm located in the Chicago region, serving clients both regionally and nationally. Optimum provides safety management solutions to strengthen culture and profitability in precast concrete, metals, construction, manufacturing, industrial, and many other markets. Optimum’s vision is to make workers everywhere valued and safe, partnering with their clients to prevent worker injuries and increase savings.


Optimum had marketing leads coming to them through various sources- website, lead lists, etc. They needed help scrubbing the MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) and teeing them up for Sales as Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). This was a time consuming project, with limited resources to complete the project. At the same time, Optimum was looking to better arm their sales personnel with a common methodology and approach for to handle the SQL’s.


Optimum President and COO Andrew Blake’s previous work with SEG at a prior company led him to reach out again for top of the funnel sales support. This included an outsourced Business Development Representative from SEG to follow up on the marketing qualified leads. In addition, as the organization was ramping up its outside sales efforts, a sales playbook was created to assist with onboarding, training, and scripting for their sales (SQL) outreach.


The alignment between sales and marketing became a well-oiled machine. The Marketing Qualified Leads are qualified to Sales Qualified Leads, the BDR follows up setting the appointment for an OSM Subject Matter Expert or outside seller. The Sales Playbook created a common, repeatable sales process and a more unified sales cadence for client facing sales personnel.

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