Background – PANOS Brands ® is a consumer products foods company that manages a unique portfolio of shelf stable and perishable specialty food and beverage brands. PANOS Brands ® is based out of New Jersey with around 90 employees.

Situation – PANOS Brands ® normally sells to distributors. They were looking to create new pipeline to expand their alternate channels. Everything sales related was measured in Excel spreadsheets, so they were looking for a better process to keep track of their pipeline.

Solution – SEG stood up a CRM (Salesforce) and customized it for two sales groups-PANOS Center Stores team and the Alternate Channels group. SEG also provided 2 BDRs to work as the virtual sales team for Alternate Channels to create a new funnel, new pipeline for the Alternate Channels GTM strategy.

SEG created a sales playbook for inside and outside sales, along with a CRM handbook.

Outcome – The SEG 6 month engagement led to a robust pipeline for Alternate Channels, consisting of large new distributor logos. Salesforce became the center point of record with dashboards being created to hold sales people accountable. PANOS is now expanding their Salesforce instance to include the CPG toolbox plug in.  This will enable them to more efficiently manage trade spend analytics.


“SEG was able to understand and implement a strategy for our Alternate Channel sales team. They understood  the unique challenges of different distribution channels and made implementing and training a BDR team easier for PANOS Brands. The leads generated by SEG during their engagement will continue to serve us for a long time. I highly recommend SEG and their professional team to anyone looking to manage and increase leads and eventual future sales.”

- Lou Foah, Director Alternate Channels

Tags: Sales Incubation, Talent Acquisition, Training and CRM Implementation, Manufacturing